about me

name in law: Philippe Loctaux (/lɒk’toʊ/ — lock-TOE)
nickname: phil or ph1L3r (philler)
photograph: here's a digital photograph of me
date of birth: november 4, 2000
nationality: french 🇫🇷 & russian 🇷🇺

timeline of events

2000: born
2006: went to primary school
2007: got my first computer
2008: created gmail address (now dead)
2009: signed up on facebook (very bad idea)
2010: created my first website; discovered linux
2011: went to middle school
2012: nothing much
2013: got my first ipod (ipod touch 5, white 32gb, iOS 6.0); discoverd fiber internet
2014: created my youtube channel; started coding; got my first iphone (5s)
2015: coded more; went to high school; got my second iphone (6); jailbroke for the first time (9.0.2)
2016: less coding; more videos; bought my first own computer;
2017: dunno yet

life competences

languages: french, russian, english
computer coding: web, bash, c
software packaging: debian, ubuntu, fedora, arch, cydia (ios jailbreaking)
software for/on the web: apache, nginx, jekyll, wordpress, polymer
operating systems: linux, xnu (osx, ios), windows


code: most of my code is on github
videos: watch them on youtube

social reaching


send an imessage or facetime me

french phone number